The Family of Richard Wombwell and Elizabeth Negus

Richard and Elizabeth were both born about 1735, probably in the Arkesden area. They certainly married at Arkesden Parish Church on 25th May 1756.

Arkesden christening records shew their five children all to have been baptised there, and these dates are used in the table below. The spelling tends to wander about a bit - Richard was christened as 'Ummel', John, James and Mary as 'Wommel', and William as 'Wormwell' which appears to have become the accepted Arkesden spelling for the next century.

There are some points of note about Richard. Firstly he appears to be one of a pair who were born in the same area at about the same time. The other one of the pair is a John Wombwell. Richard married Elizabeth Negus, while John married Sarah Negus, probably a sister. Finally, and somewhat more intriguing, James Wombwell, who was also of the same period but who married in Braintree, gradually moved westwards across the county to the same Arkesden, Clavering, Langley area as his family grew. I strongly suspect that they were all related, either as brothers or as cousins.

I haven't yet been able to find any further information directly on any of Richard or Sarah's children, with the exception of James, who married Hannah Kemp at Clavering Church on 4th March 1788. Their daughter, Hannah, was born on 28th October 1797, but not christened until July 1805.

    Richard Wombwell                (453)       (1735- )
    m 1756 Elizabeth Negus          (454)       (1735- )
        |-Richard Wombwell          (455)            (1756-)
        |-John Wombwell             (456)            (1758-)    
        |-James Wombwell            (457)            (1761-)
        | m 1788 Hannah Kemp        (505)            (1765-)    
        |     |
        |     |-Hannah Wombwell     (500)                 (1797-)
        |-William Wombwell          (458)            (1765-)   
        |-Mary Wombwell             (459)            (1767-)    

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