The Page of Unlinked Wombwells

Quite simply, those Wombwells who I have found - for example, in parish registers - but who I can't link with any others at present!
514 Ann Wombwell was buried on 3rd September 1778 at Clavering.

492 Ann Womwell was married on 13th December 1785; a John Womwell was a witness.

510 Ann Womwell from Clavering register.

467 Dorcas Womwell (single woman) of this parish married Thomas Barker of Anstey in the County of Hertford on 6th November 1755 in the presence of James Womwell and Nathaniel Haydon - from the Arkesden marriage register

529 Eliza Wombwell buried at Langley aged 1yr 11m on 5th July 1863.

490 Elizabeth Womwell married John Barnard at Clavering on 15th December 1757.

531 Ellis Wombwell buried at Langley on 10th February 1866 aged 11 months.

478 Elsie Mary Wombwell was present as a witness at Violet Louise Wombwell's marriage at Arkesden.

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