The Family of Kate Uralia Wombwell and George Wilson

Kate Uralia was a daughter of Arthur Wombwell and Sarah Ruth Coulton. Note that here is that odd name 'Uralia'. We have come across this on an earlier occasion in the family of her great-grand-uncle Charles and Susannah Reed. She was born in 1881 in Langley and married George Wilson on 29th March 1902, also at Langley.

They had two sons and two daughters, as far as I am aware. Although I have no evidence that any of them are still alive, I have classified them all PRIVATE in case.

I do not know any more about this branch, and have no plans to follow it up further.

    Kate Uralia Wombwell            (432)     (1881- )
    m 1902 George Wilson            (524)     (1881- )    
        |-Eric Wilson               (851)          (PRIVATE)    
        |-Ethel Wilson              (852)          (PRIVATE) 
        |-Grace Wilson              (853)          (PRIVATE)
        |-Bert Wilson               (854)          (PRIVATE)

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