The Family of John and Susanna Womwell

Very little known here, I'm afraid. I am sure that I will be able to link this small group with the main tree, but I can't yet prove any connection. I have made estimates for both John and Susanna's birth years.

All I really know is:

I ask myself, could John be a son of Richard and Elizabeth?

Also from the Clavering register, a Susanna Womwell was buried on 28th July 1789 (a pauper). Is this she?

Also, on 9th October 1789 a William was buried at Clavering. Could this be him?

    John Womwell                (497)   (1760-)
    m ???? Susanna ?            (498)   (1760-)        
        |-Richard Womwell       (489)       (1786-)
        |-William Womwell       (499)       (1788-) 

If you have found any errors, or if you can provide me with further information, I will be pleased to hear from you. Either way you can contact me on Email

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