The Family of James Wombwell and Sarah Rogers

James married Sarah Rogers at the church of St Michael the Archangel in Braintree on 10.2.1760. The register entry has his surname spelt UMBLEY, and curious spellings seem to be the norm for this family until they settle in the North-West Essex area. The marriage was witnessed by Robert Collis and Daniel Rogers, both of whom appear to have written their own names. I have not attempted to establish whether Daniel was any relation to the bride.

Sarah herself was the daughter of Samuel and Sarah Rogers, and she had been christened at the same church twenty-three years earlier, on 8th February 1737.

They appear to have moved around to some extent as a family group. Having been married in Braintree, most of their children were christened either there or in neighbouring Bocking. The two youngest, George and Zachariah, were apparently born in Duddenhoe End and Arkesden respectively and some of their older children were themselves married in the Elmdon and Langley area. Elizabeth is a case in point here as she married William Hagger on 1st November 1795 at Langley Parish Church. Eight years later, on 26th May 1803, Ann married John Corkett at Elmdon Church.

This move to the Clavering/Langley area was almost certainly not coincidental. There were at least three other Wombwells resident in this area at this time who were of an age to be brothers of James (John, Joseph and Richard). There was also plenty of evidence of Wombwells in the area at least two hundred years earlier.

I am quite certain that James was their brother, as they all appear to be the sons of John Womwell and Mary Hare. If my assumption is correct, he is the James who was baptized at Newport Parish Church on 2nd September 1739. Why he moved to marry in Braintree is still unresolved.

Most importantly for me, this is the point in my own family tree where the connection with menagerie George is made! James and Sarah were my great-great-great-great-grandparents and their son John was my great-great-great-grandfather; John's younger brother George was the Wombwell who set up the menagerie.

James Wombwell          (407)              (1735- )
m  1760  Sarah Rogers   (542)              (1737- )  
     |-Samuel Wombwell       (550)              (1760-1841)
     |-Sarah Wombwell        (552)              (1762- )   
     |-William Wombwell      (553)              (1764- )   
     |-Josiah Wombwell       (554)              (1771- )   
     |-Elizabeth Wombwell    (555)              (1773- )
     | m 1795 William Hagger (556)              (1770- )
     |-John Wombwell         (494)              (1774-1845) 
     |-Ann Wombwell          (557)              (1777- ) 
     | m 1803 John Corkett   (558)              (1775- )
     |-George Wombwell       (357)              (1777-1850)
     |-Zachariah Wombwell    (463)              (1780- )  


My thanks are due to Stanley and Mark Wombwell, both distant cousins, who have provided me with some of the information on this page.

If you have found any errors, or if you can provide me with further information, I will be pleased to hear from you. Either way you can contact me on Email

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