The Family of John Wombwell and Sarah Corbey

This branch ought to have been easy, but that doesn't allow for the fact that my father, Owen, was somewhat vague and unreliable when questioned (admittedly late in his lifetime). He was quite certain, for example, that his grandfather's name was George, although my research shews clearly that this was not the case. He did, however, divert my attentions away from Tollesbury, Essex, where I had started my search, to Langley, Essex, where things started to make more sense.

John was a son of John Wombwell and Honor King. He was born in Langley in 1804, and married Sarah Corbey on 9th June 1829, also in Langley. The next references I can find for this John and his family are in the 1841 Census, where he is recorded as being 30 years old, working as an agricultural labourer and living at Lower Green in Langley. At that time his wife, Sarah, is recorded at 25 years of age. Living with them were their sons Charles, William, Arthur, and one month old John. Their oldest child, Honnor, was living on census date next door with her maternal grandparents.

At the 1851 Census, the first where adult ages were allegedly correct and not rounded to the nearest 5 years, John was apparently aged 45 and Sarah aged 40. He was still working as an agricultural labourer and the family were living at Water Wick, Lower Green, still in Langley. They may, in fact, have been living in the same place which this time has a more detailed address. Daughter Honnor had married by this time and left home.

Ten years later, with John now 56 and Sarah now 46, they were still at Lower Green. By now, two of their sons had left home and they had two grandchildren living with them on census date.

By 1871 John had died and his widow Sarah, now aged 63, was living in Langley village with a different two grandchildren, the son and daughter of Honnor.

I can find no mention of Sarah in the 1881 census.

John Wombwell           (366)              (1804-1871)     
m       Sarah Corbey    (367)              (1807- )
     |-Honnor Wombwell       (384)         (1831- )
     |-Charles Wombwell      (78)          (1834- )
     |-William Wombwell      (368)         (1835- )
     |-Arthur Wombwell       (369)         (1837-1923)
     |-John Wombwell         (370)         (1841-1911)
     |-David Wombwell        (371)         (1846- )

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