Cane John Womwell, Mary Hare and Mary Cane

The Family of John Womwell, Mary Hare and Mary Cane

John Womwell and Mary Hare were married at Newport Parish church on 7th November 1732. John appears to have been born about 1712. They had four sons, all of whom were baptized at Newport.

After Mary died John married again, to Mary Cane on 22nd January 1750. I can only find evidence, so far, of one daughter from this second marriage.

John died in 1784 and was buried at Newport, a widower and labourer. I can't find a reference to the burial of Mary (nee Hare), but Mary Cane was buried at Newport on 5th July 1754.

The eldest three sons had their own families and can be followed by the links to their own pages. Note here that James is the odd one out in a sense. We know he was born at Newport, and we know that a James came from Braintree to Langley some years later. I can only assume he is the same person as there is no further reference to a James in the Newport area.

Thomas was baptized at Newport on 28th October 1744 and was buried, also at Newport, on 19th May 1768. I can find no reference to him marrying.

Back to John the elder. Three spelling variants for the surname are found in the parish register. At his first marriage his name is spelt UMMILL, while for his first child's baptism the name bacomes WOMELL. The other sons are baptized as WOMWELL, while WOMELL is revived for his second marriage.

John Womwell            (48)               (1712-1784)
m   1732  Mary Hare     (49)               (1712-1749)
|    | 
|    |-John Wombwell         (460)              (1734- )
|    | 
|    |-Richard Wombwell      (453)              (1736- )
|    |
|    |-James Wombwell        (407)              (1739- )
|    |
|    |-Thomas Womwell        (72)               (1744-1768)
m   1750  Mary Cane      (304)             (1720-1754)
     |-Mary Womwell          (73)               (1753-1763)    

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