The Family of John Wombwell and Louisa Goodwin

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I first found John in the 1861 Census, an agricultural labourer aged 28, living at Dear's Green, Clavering with his wife Louisa, her daughter Hannah and their son James.

At the 1871 Census he was still an agricultural labourer, now aged 40 and living at Hill Green, Clavering with his wife Louisa, their daughters Ann (Hannah) and Lydia, and sons James, Joseph, George and Henry.

Hannah was listed as Hannah Goodwin at the 1861 Census and as Louisa's daughter aged 4, but at the 1871 count she was listed as Ann Wombwell and a daughter of John. I haven't yet found any more information on her.

James was 3 months old at the 1861 Census and 10 years old by 1871. Again, I haven't yet found any more information.

Lydia was christened on 25th January 1863 at Clavering; she also married in 1885. I have not yet found her husband's name.

At the 1891 Census Joseph was an agricultural labourer aged 26, living at 26 Hill Green, Clavering with his wife Lydia and their children William and Martha.

Again, at the 1891 Census George was an agricultural labourer aged 23, married to Sarah, and living at the Keeper's Lodge, near Wood Hall in Arkesden.

Henry married Hannah Cranwell at Arkesden on 10th August 1889, and at the 1891 Census he, too, was an agricultural labourer, aged 21, and living with Hannah at 14 Middle Street, Clavering.

    John Wombwell                           (394)  (1833-)
    m ???? Louisa Goodwin                   (395)  (1839-)        
        |-Hannah Goodwin                    (396)      (1857-)  
        |-James Wombwell                    (397)      (1861-)
        |-Lydia Wombwell                    (403)      (1863-)
        | m 1885 ?
        |-Joseph Wombwell                   (404)      (1864-)
        | m 1884 Lydia Chesham              (447)      (1861-) 
        |     |
        |     |-William G Wombwell          (448)          (1885-)
        |     |
        |     |-Martha Wombwell             (449)          (1886-)
        |-George Wombwell                   (405)      (1867-)
        | m ???? Sarah ?                    (441)      (1869-)           
        |-Henry Wombwell                    (406)      (1870-)
        | m 1889 Hannah Celia Cranwell      (474)      (1871-)  
              |-Violet Louise Wombwell      (475)          (1893-)
                m 1919 Edwin Victor Wisbey  (476)          (1889-) 

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