The Family of John Wombwell and Emma Newland

John Wombwell was the fourth son of John Wombwell and Sarah Corbey. He just made the 1841 Census, being one month old at the time. At Census date he was living at Lower Green, Langley with his parents and brothers Charles, William and Arthur.

At the 1851 Census he was aged 11 and still living in Langley. The address is given as at Water Wick, Lower Green, but I suspect it could have been the same house as before. He was with his parents and brothers Charles, William, Arthur and David.

By the 1861 Census he was aged 21, working as an agricultural labourer. He was still at living at Lower Green with his parents, together with brothers Arthur and David, niece Emily Hammond and nephew David Wombwell.

On 12th July 1862 John married Emma Newland at Langley Parish Church.

At the 1871 Census he was now oddly aged 29, married to Emma (aged 27) and working as an agricultural labourer. They were living at Lower Green, Langley, near the Bull PH, with their sons Arthur, Enos, John and Charles W.

By the 1881 census the family had moved out of Essex. They were now living at the Green, Thriplow, Cambridgeshire, about 6 miles north of Langley. John was now aged 40, still an agricultural labourer, and living with Emma (now 38) and Arthur, Enos, John, Matilda, Eli, Susan, Elizabeth and Roseta. Both Matilda and Eli were born in Langley while Susan was born in Thriplow, so it is reasonable to suppose they moved between 1873 and 1875.

I have not attempted yet to follow up this family through the 1891 Census, neither have I any explanation of the disappearance of Charles by 1881.

  John Wombwell                  (370)            (1840- )  
  m 1862 Emma Newland            (414)            (1843- )     
        |-Arthur Wombwell        (415)                 (1863- )
        |-Enos Wombwell          (416)                 (1866- )  
        |-John Wombwell          (417)                 (1869- )
        |-Charles W Wombwell     (418)                 (1870- ) 
        |-Matilda Wombwell       (534)                 (1872- ) 
        |-Eli Wombwell           (535)                 (1873- ) 
        | m ???? Elizabeth Sarah (606)
        |     |
        |     |-Herbert Wombwell (873)                      (1899-1918)
        |-Susan Wombwell         (536)                 (1875- ) 
        |-Elizabeth L Wombwell   (537)                 (1877- ) 
        |-Roseta Wombwell        (538)                 (1878- )  


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