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Originally this list was on the same page as the Wombwells, but as numbers grew it became more sensible to move these people to a page of their own. So here they are, and as before many of them are linked to another page offering more information.

A repeated note about dates - where a date is given in this index it may be correct but it may equally be an approximation; where there is a linked page that should give more information. Where no date is given it probably means that I don't know it. An entry of PRIVATE in the dates column means that the person is known to be living, or that a reasonable assumption can be made that they are still alive.

File NumberNameDates
788Alan PorterPRIVATE
92Alfred Nicholas Reed
50Alice Miles1896-1932
685Alice Odette Bowles1886-1973
545Ann Chipperfield1710-
559Ann Morgan1788-1876
399Ann Sell1840-
40Annette Franks1863-1963
496Betty Ann Coulson1845-1896
594Biddy ColenzoPRIVATE
864Brian David HeardPRIVATE
693Caroline Legerton1864-1946
761Charles Berry
764Charles Berry
727Charles Capel Cure
654Charlotte Crozier-1879
450Charlotte Joslin1865-
590Daphne Helena DorrellPRIVATE
493David Cowell1765-
814Diana MeshinkoffPRIVATE
604Dolly KingPRIVATE
45Douglas Walter OgramPRIVATE
628Edmund Bramston1808-1859
476Edwin Victor Wisbey1889-
551Elizabeth Boyton1760-1830
454Elizabeth Negus1735-
507Elizabeth Nottage1770-
606Elizabeth Sarah ?
408Elizabeth Anne Abrahams1848-
704Ellen Durrant
423Emily Rumball1836-
803Emily Sarah Harris
573Emma Abrahams
574Emma Earlyman
414Emma Newland1843-1911
480Eric Douglas RustPRIVATE
578Ernest Adlington
584Ernest Puttick
526Ernest Joseph Harvey1878-
729Ethel Smith
585Ethel 1896-
830Fanny Eliza Kienton
810Fay ShawPRIVATE
800Fred Fitt
855Fred Saville1907-1991
726Gareth Bell1957-
715George Edward Bishop
548George Jones Crawley1845-
522George William Dodkin1868-
513George Law1822-
511George Waylett1795-
524George Wilson1881-
575Grace ?
598Gertrude Chadwick
412Hannah Cranwell1837-
474Hannah Celia Cranwell1871-
630Hannah Gibson1789-1854
505Hannah Kemp1765-
502Hannah -1775
725Harrison Bell
521Henry Revel
484Herbert HudgettPRIVATE
832Herbert Sowerby
495Honor King1775-
668James William Bostock1814-1878
687James Bowles
680James William Bowles
549James Crawley1845-
646James Edmonds1805-1871
346Jane Dellow1798-1879
785Jean NathanPRIVATE
491John Barnard1735-
558John Corkett1775-
610John Curran
400John Hammond1828-
563John Hart1800-
470John Loveday1817-
564John Monk1800-
645John Posford1807-1893
629John Redhouse
568John Sell
523John Edward Walford1875-
547Joseph Jones1840-
518Joseph Wilson1815-
487Judith Karen ForbesPRIVATE
791Julie Elizabeth NichollsPRIVATE
6Kathleen Gladys Castel1906-1989
723Keith Smith
577Laura Mabel Evenett1889-1961
661Letitia Sergent -1867
395Louisa Goodwin1839-
442Lucy Sell1870-
447Lydia Chesham1861-
805Lydia Radford Thurlbrom -1919
2Margaret Anne BrayPRIVATE
772Marjorie Sams
304Mary Cane1720-1754
49Mary Hare1712-1749
373Mary Scott1798-
690Mary Traylen
51Mary Warner1900-1980
350Mary Ann Trigg1829-1851
84Mary Emma Page
607Maud Martin
861Maude Alice BrammerPRIVATE
79Melinda Barker1835-
566Nathan Unwin
734Paul InghamPRIVATE
801Penelope Clark1847-1940
512Philip Rumball1815-
525Rachel Dorothy Camp1882-
841Ray ThomasPRIVATE
794Robert WoodwardPRIVATE
367Sarah Corbey1811-
461Sarah Negus1735-
655Sarah Nichols1828-
542Sarah Rogers1740-
441Sarah ?1869-
428Sarah Ruth Coulton1849-
591Sid JohnsonPRIVATE
353Susan Dyer1819-1865
720Susan Frost1886-
498Susanna ?1760-
361Susannah Reed1817-1904
468Thomas Barker1735-
509Thomas Barker1790-
472Thomas Dyer1830-
570Thomas Greaves
804Thomas Noble
716Thomas Henry Quittenbourne
595Tom NorthPRIVATE
739Valmai BullockPRIVATE
572William Boyton1809-
802William Dolman1817-
556William Hagger1770-
728William Johnson
520William Trigg1815-
580Winifred Goody
643? Bright
599? BurbagePRIVATE
611? Dellow
148? Falk -1950
149? Parker -1950
147? Schaper-1950
781? Woodard

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