Wombwell families in North West Essex (continued)

Now for the Wombwells in detail. They are listed here, most of them are linked to another page offering more information.

I have had a number of replies from people who have been able to provide more information. To all of these I am extremely grateful. I have made any necessary changes within the respective page(s). A summary of the responses is here, please take this as my public thank you to all those who have helped me improve the overall picture.
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A note about dates - where a date is given in this index it may be correct but it may equally be an approximation; where there is a linked page that should give more information. Where no date is given it probably means that I don't know it. An entry of PRIVATE in the dates column means that the person is known to be living, or that a reasonable assumption can be made that they are still alive.

One final note - most people in the list below are part of the family tree which starts with John Womwell and Mary Hare. Some are not. In some cases they form part of a separate tree which I have not (yet) been able to integrate into the main one; these people are marked with an asterisk against their name. That leaves a few others who I am not yet been able to link with any tree; their names are preceded by double asterisks.

File NumberNameDates
363Abijah Wombwell1840-1907
608Ada Wombwell
882Ada Wombwell1878-
44Ada Mary Annette Wombwell1889-1914
862Adrian WombwellPRIVATE
778Alan WombwellPRIVATE
409Albert Wombwell1869-
714Albert Edward WombwellPRIVATE
392*Alfred Womwell1858-
413Alfred Frederick Wombwell1865-
609Alice Wombwell
703Alice Wombwell
656Alice Emma Wombwell1854-1920
666Alice Fanny Wombwell1854-
713Alice Harriet WombwellPRIVATE
562Amelia Wombwell
541Amos Wombwell1857-1900
421Angelina Wombwell1868-
602Angelina WombwellPRIVATE
514**Ann Womwell-1778
492**Ann Womwell1765-
557Ann Womwell1777-
510**Ann Womwell1795-
9Ann WombwellPRIVATE
831Ann Fanny Womwell1851-1923
885Annie Wombwell1886-
445*Annie Wombwell1887-
369Arthur Wombwell1837-1923
415Arthur Wombwell1863-
665Arthur Wombwell
833Arthur Wombwell1895-
707Arthur Albert WombwellPRIVATE
771Arthur Frederick WombwellPRIVATE
264Bertie Wombwell1896-
779Betty WombwellPRIVATE
589Betty Patience WombwellPRIVATE
83Caleb Wombwell1868-
576Caleb Arthur Page Wombwell1887-1951
657Catherine Wombwell1856-
667Catherine Hannah Wombwell1856-
345*Charles Womwell1793-1881
360Charles Wombwell1810-1860
639Charles Wombwell1829-1912
78Charles Wombwell1834-
349*Charles Womwell1834-
274Charles Wombwell1855-
659Charles Wombwell1860-
418Charles W Wombwell1870-
880Charles Wombwell1873-1879
439Charles Wombwell1878-
263Charles Wombwell1893-
708Charles WombwellPRIVATE
481*Charles Henry Wombwell1895-
664Charles James Wombwell1860-1936
751Charlotte WombwellPRIVATE
816Christopher WombwellPRIVATE
793Claire Emily WombwellPRIVATE
754Claude WombwellPRIVATE
700Claude Robert Legerton Wombwell
740Clive WombwellPRIVATE
479*Daisy Rose Elizabeth WombwellPRIVATE
104Daniel Wombwell1799-
371David Wombwell1846-
540David Wombwell1853-1902
275David Wombwell1858-
813Dierdre WombwellPRIVATE
863Diane Margaret WombwellPRIVATE
702Dollice Wombwell
467**Dorcas Womwell1735-
839Doreen WomwellPRIVATE
767Douglas WombwellPRIVATE
259Edith Wombwell1893-
429Edith Emily Wombwell1876-
847Edna Wombwell1911-1977
699Edward Bostock Wombwell
4Edward Piers WombwellPRIVATE
535Eli Wombwell1873-
436Eliazar Wombwell1880-
567Eliza Wombwell1805-
638Eliza Wombwell1827-1846
356Eliza Wombwell1849-1932
529**Eliza Wombwell1861-1863
660Eliza Wombwell1863-
81Eliza Wombwell1867-
490**Elizabeth Womwell1735-
555Elizabeth Wombwell1773-
228Elizabeth Wombwell1782-
411Elizabeth Wombwell1823-
82Elizabeth Wombwell1865-
618Elizabeth Wombwell
301Elizabeth Wombwell
298Elizabeth? Wombwell
612Elizabeth Amelia Wombwell
537Elizabeth L Wombwell1877-
469Ellen Wombwell1814-
531Ellis Wombwell1865-1866
697Elsie Wombwell
42Elsie Eliza Wombwell1893-1970
478Elsie Mary Wombwell
571Emma Wombwell1811-1845
642Emma Wombwell1839-1909
365Emma Wombwell1848-1928
658Emma Wombwell1859-
701Ena Wombwell
416Enos Wombwell1866-
431Ephia George Wombwell1879-
812Erica WombwellPRIVATE
579Ernest WombwellPRIVATE
300Ernest Arthur Wombwell
433Ernest William Wombwell1874-
706Ernest William Wombwell
446*Ethel Wombwell1888-
41Eva Gertrude Wombwell1891-1975
848Evelyn WombwellPRIVATE
849Florence Wombwell1909-1994
695Florence Caroline Wombwell
430Florence Eliza Wombwell1877-
583Florence Hilda Wombwell-1972
410Frank Wombwell1870-
730Frank WombwellPRIVATE
835Frank WombwellPRIVATE
884Frank Wombwell1884-
689Fred Wombwell1877-1942
451Frederick Wombwell1890-
619Frederick Wombwell1802-1837
640Frederick Wombwell1832-1869
663Frederick Wombwell1860-1907
881Frederick Wombwell1875-1911
692Frederick Edmonds Wombwell1890-1958
709Frederick Edmund Wombwell1899-1993
811Geoffrey WombwellPRIVATE
357George Wombwell1777-1850
372*George Wormwell1793-1869
358George Wombwell1795-1852
625George Wombwell1822-1909
636George Wombwell -1909
405*George Wombwell1867-
879George Wombwell1871-1957
694George Wombwell1888-
731George WombwellPRIVATE
1George David WombwellPRIVATE
39George David Wombwell1863-1946
504*George Enos Womwell1866-
662George Henry Wombwell1863-1933
561George William Wombwell1849-1932
593Gillian Marjorie WombwellPRIVATE
721Gwen WombwellPRIVATE
225H D Womwell
500Hannah Womwell1797-
374*Hannah Wormwell1798-
565Hannah Wombwell1802-
385Hannah Wormwell1815-
503*Hannah Womwell1818-
396*Hannah Wombwell1857-
837Hannah WombwellPRIVATE
255Harriet Wormwell
634Harriet Wombwell1815-1890
382*Harriet Womwell1828-
466Harriet Wombwell1844-1845
437Harriet Wombwell1873-1907
532Harry Wombwell1866-1868
452Harry Wombwell1886-
582Harry Wombwell1896-1936
815Hayley WombwellPRIVATE
792Helen Elizabeth WombwellPRIVATE
622Henry Wombwell1814-
406*Henry Wombwell1870-
873Herbert Wombwell1899-1918
260Hilda Wombwell1896-
325Honor Wombwell1798-
528Honor Wombwell1829-1830
384Honnor Wombwell1831-
464Honnor Wombwell1838-1838
605Hugh WombwellPRIVATE
261Ida L Wombwell1900-
483*Irene Mary Alice WombwellPRIVATE
383*Isabel Womwell1830-
482J M Wombwell
860Jack Donovan WombwellPRIVATE
517James Womwell1715-1802
407James Wombwell1739-
516James Womwell 1757-1798
457*James Wombwell1761-
637James Wombwell1819-1846
465James Wombwell1842-1843
539James Wombwell1851-1925
397*James Wombwell1861-
705James Wombwell
745James WombwellPRIVATE
560James Edward Womwell
80James Henry Wombwell1861-1936
380Jane Womwell1801-
102Jesse Womwell1775-1828
769Joanne WombwellPRIVATE
48John Womwell1712-1784
460*John Wombwell1734-
74John Womwell1755-
456*John Wombwell1758-
497*John Womwell1760-
506John Womwell1770-
494John Wombwell1774-1845
386John Wormwell1776-
351John Womwell1796-
366John Wombwell1804-1871
348*John Womwell1825-
394*John Wombwell1833-
370John Wombwell1841-1911
417John Wombwell1869-
798John WombwellPRIVATE
515Joseph Womwell 1730-1793
613Joseph Wombwell1784-
623Joseph Wombwell1816-
359Joseph Wombwell1819-1893
398Joseph Wombwell1831-
377Joseph Wormwell1835-1918
404*Joseph Wombwell1864-
635Joseph Wombwell1873-
765Joseph WombwellPRIVATE
626Joseph Henry Wombwell1827-
425*Joshua Lee Wombwell1864-
554Josiah Wombwell1771-
710Judith Helena WombwellPRIVATE
432Kate Uralia Wombwell1881-
485*Kenneth Charles WombwellPRIVATE
773Kenneth James WombwellPRIVATE
787Kerry Suzanne WombwellPRIVATE
838Leslie WombwellPRIVATE
712Letitia Ellen WombwellPRIVATE
748Leif WombwellPRIVATE
696Lilian Jessie Wombwell
243Lily Wombwell1899-
43Lloyd George Wombwell1902-1980
711Lottie Catherine WombwellPRIVATE
438Louisa Wombwell1875-
390*Lydia Wombwell1837-1838
403*Lydia Wombwell1863-
223Miss Wombwell
224Miss M Wombwell
733Mandy WombwellPRIVATE
569Maria Wombwell1807-
355Maria Wombwell1846-1930
276Maria Wombwell1859-
786Mark Andrew WombwellPRIVATE
424*Mark Charles Wombwell1862-
449*Martha Wombwell1886-
73Mary Wombwell1753
459*Mary Wombwell1767-
105Mary Wombwell1799
519Mary Wombwell1823-
615Mary Wombwell
633Mary Ann Wombwell1811-1881
381*Mary Ann Wombwell1826-
375Mary Ann Wombwell1834-
354Mary Ann Wombwell1840-1913
534Matilda Wombwell1872-
776Maurice Charles WombwellPRIVATE
581May WombwellPRIVATE
435Melinda Wombwell1878-
799Michael WombwellPRIVATE
883Minnie Wombwell1881-1960
587Molly WombwellPRIVATE
842Monica Wombwell
85Nellie Wombwell-1919
262Nellie Wombwell1897-
742Nigel WombwellPRIVATE
834Oswald Wombwell
5Owen Charles Wombwell1905-1998
596Paul WombwellPRIVATE
722Pauline WombwellPRIVATE
527Peter Wombwell1816-1816
352Peter Wombwell1819-1892
533Peter Wombwell1882-1883
586Peter Wombwell1923-1988
364Phillis Wombwell1846-1927
3Rebecca Jane WombwellPRIVATE
544Richard Wombwell1710-
453*Richard Wombwell1735-
455*Richard Wombwell1756-
489*Richard Womwell1786-
621Richard Wombwell1813-
614Richard Wombwell1814-
592Richard Stanley WombwellPRIVATE
741Robert WombwellPRIVATE
443*Rose E Wombwell1890-
538Roseta Wombwell1878-
550Samuel Wombwell1760-1841
440Samuel Wombwell1880-
462*Sarah Wombwell1758-
552Sarah Wombwell1762-
307Sarah Wombwell1797-
616Sarah Wombwell1851-
597Sarah WombwellPRIVATE
744Sarah WombwellPRIVATE
422Sarah A Wombwell1870-
434Selina Wombwell1876-
426*Simeon Wombwell1869-
756Simon WombwellPRIVATE
624Sophia Wombwell1818-
588Stanley Arthur WombwellPRIVATE
508Susan Womwell1790-
536Susan Wombwell1875-
86Susanna Womwell1778-
393*Susannah Womwell1860-
747Sven WombwellPRIVATE
698Sydney Wombwell Wombwell
872Thomas Womwell1744-1768
757Timothy WombwellPRIVATE
768Tracy WombwellPRIVATE
486*Trevor Kenneth Sidney WombwellPRIVATE
362Ulaliah Wombwell1839-1912
750Victoria WombwellPRIVATE
475*Violet Louise Wombwell1893-
420Walter Wombwell1864-
530Walter Wombwell1862-1863
603Wesley WombwellPRIVATE
553William Wombwell1764-
458*William Wombwell1765-
499*William Womwell1788-
617William Wombwell1790-1854
312William Wombwell1800-
347*William Womwell1820-1876
641William Wombwell1836-1866
368William Wombwell1835-
376William Wormwell1837-1897
477William Wombwell
305William Wombwell
836William WombwellPRIVATE
448*William G Wombwell1885-
774Yvonne WombwellPRIVATE
463Zachariah Wombwell1780-
627? Wombwell(female)
and their spouses ...
... who have not been forgotten, but are now on another page because there are so many of them!
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