Wombwell families in North West Essex

map2.gif - 17Kb The geographical focus of my eighteenth and nineteenth century Wombwell family history must concentrate around the North-West corner of the County of Essex. The majority of my ancestors and their relatives came from the villages in this area.

The ancient town of Saffron Walden forms the main focal point in this predominantly rural district. The remainder of the area is almost entirely agricultural, and has been for many centuries.

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In my search for my own ancestors I discovered that there were large numbers of Wombwells around the small area I was concentrating on. There was, in fact, substantial evidence that they had been there for some considerable time!

The search has been concentrated around the villages of Arkesden, Clavering and Langley, particularly in the first seventy years of the nineteenth century and earlier.

Many years ago, while I was in my early teens, I borrowed a book from my local library written by George Sanger - he of circus fame. I honestly can't remember quite why I took it out but I was fascinated by the fact that there were close links between Wombwell's Menagerie and the Sangers in the circus world. The thing that struck me was that, in the much less exotic world of retail pharmacy, my father (Owen Wombwell) bought goods from a company called Sangers who were, at the time, one of the largest local chemists' wholesalers.

Were the wholesalers connected with the circus? - I don't know and I have never attempted to follow that one up. Was a pharmacist in East Ham connected with the menagerie world? - that I did want to look into.

Somehow I never got round to it for many years. I had asked my father who thought there was a connection but he was not sure. The matter seemed destined to go no further.

About twenty five years later I was talking to a work colleague who told me that his parents had just bought property in Tollesbury (Essex), and that they were surprised to discover restrictive conditions about keeping animals! By then I knew that the menagerie family had bought land in that locality in the 19th century to house the animals when they weren't touring.

Again matters rested until about twelve years ago when we made a visit to Tollesbury and read large numbers of names on gravestones and in the parish magazine. I mentioned this to my father, who asked me why I was looking in Tollesbury as his family came from Langley, in a totally different part of the county.

This time he was able to give me a few clues about some of his aunts and uncles, but I wasn't able to follow much of this up until after he had died. With the focus now on the North West corner of Essex I have found a large number of Wombwells and close variants; most of these are linked to the other Essex Wombwells I had collected in my earlier searches. They are all listed on the next page.

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