George and Hannah Wormwell and Mary Skott

A little group that doesn't seem to fit anywhere else. It appears that George (372) and Hannah (374) were brother and sister, but I don't know their parents. Anyway, George married Mary Skott (Scott) (373) at Arkesden Parish Church on 16th October 1823.

At the 1841 census he was listed as aged 45, a tailor living next to the vicarage in Arkesden with his wife Mary.

At the 1851 census George was aged 58, blind, a tailor still living in Arkesden with Mary.

By the 1861 census Mary had died, as George was listed as a widower aged 68, blind, a tailor living in Arkesden village with his sister Hannah.

Earlier, Hannah was in the 1841 census as a servant aged 40 living at the Vicarage, Arkesden in the vicar's household. She was similarly listed in the 1851 Census, now aged 53. Ten years later she was living with her brother.

George was buried at Arkesden on 5th June 1869. I don't know when either Hannah or Mary died.

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