The Family of George Henry Wombwell and Caroline Legerton

George Henry Wombwell was born in 1863; he was the son of Frederick Wombwell and Letitia Sergent

George Henry married Caroline Legerton, who was born in 1864. I have all their children listed below, but I am not certain that they are in chronological order of birth.

As far as I know Florence Caroline did not marry, neither did Alice who died at the age of three years. Lilian, Elsie and Edward were married but I do not know of any children. The families of the other children are on their respective pages.

George Henry died in 1933, and Caroline lived on until 1946.

    George Henry Wombwell                   (662)   (1863-1933) 
    m      Caroline Legerton                (693)   (1864-1946)
        |-George Wombwell                   (694)       (1888-) 
        |-Florence Caroline Wombwell        (695)    
        |-Lilian Jessie Wombwell            (696)
        | m      Charles Capel Cure         (727)
        |-Elsie Wombwell                    (697)
        | m      William Johnson            (728)
        |-Sydney Wombwell Wombwell          (698)
        |-Edward Bostock Wombwell           (699)
        | m      Doris                      (752)
        |-Claude Robert Legerton Wombwell   (700) 
        |-Ena Wombwell                      (701)
        |-Dollice Wombwell                  (702)
        |-Alice Wombwell                    (703)
        |-Frederick Edmonds Wombwell        (692)       (1890-1958)

My thanks are due to Stanley and Mark Wombwell who provided much of this page's information.

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