George Wombwell

George was born on 24th December 1777 at Duddenhoe End, the son of James Wombwell and Sarah Rogers. His family moved the short distance to Langley while he was still a baby.

I have further information on George which I will publish when I have time! The only further points to make at present are a) I am not sure that he actually married Ann Morgan and b) that they had a daughter (she could have been Ann's daughter by someone else).

    George Wombwell                  (357)    (1777-1850)
    m 1811 Ann Morgan                (559)    (1788-1876)
        |- ? Wombwell                (627) 
           m ???? Edmund Bramston    (628)|       (1808-1859) 

My thanks are due to Stanley Wombwell who provided much of this page's information.

If you have found any errors, or if you can provide me with further information, I will be pleased to hear from you. Either way you can contact me on Email

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