The Family of George David Wombwell and Annette Franks

George was the fourth son of Charles Wombwell and Melinda Barker. He was born about 1863 - his birthday was probably 13th April. He appeared on the 1871 Census with his parents and living at Butts Green, Clavering. He is recorded as being aged 7 at that time.

I have not yet been able to find him on the 1881 Census.

Back to facts, on 26th May 1888 he married Annette Franks at St. John the Evangelist Church in Upper St. Leonards, Hastings, Sussex. This is the first record I have which adds the second forename 'David'. He was listed as a 'manager', aged 25 and a bachelor on the marriage certificate, and Annette was listed as also aged 25 and a spinster. His father, Charles, is recorded as a builder (although I have no other evidence of this), while Annette's father George was recorded as a labourer. George David's address at the time of the marriage is recorded as 77 Netherwood Street, Brondesbury, Middlesex, while Annette was living at 27 Alexandra Terrace, St Leonards.

Their first daughter Ada was born while they were living at Maclise Road, near Kensington Olympia. Elsie was born at St Leonards, where Annette parents came from, but Lloyd was born back at Maclise Road. Throughout this time George was described as a 'coffee house manager'.

By 1906 they had bought a 'Dining Rooms' business with accommodation above in Shepherds Bush Road.
In 1930 he decided to retire, sold the business and moved to a house in Old Oak Road, Acton, which they had taken on a 99 year lease.
I have more facts to put in here when I get time!

George died on 29th January 1946. Annette died two weeks after achieving her hundredth birthday!

    George David Wombwell                 (39)           (1863-1946)
    m 1888  Annette Franks                (40)           (1863-1963)
        |-Ada Mary Annette Wombwell       (44)                (1889-1914)
        |-Eva Gertrude Wombwell           (41)                (1891-1975)
        |-Elsie Eliza Wombwell            (42)                (1893-1970) 
        |-Lloyd George Wombwell           (43)                (1902-1980)
        |-Owen Charles Wombwell           (5)                 (1905-1998)

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