The Family of Frederick Wombwell and Letitia Sergent

Frederick Wombwell was born in 1832, the son of William Wombwell and Hannah Gibson.

He married Letitia Sergent on 6th April 1852 at Tolleshunt Knights.

Their first daughter, Alice Fanny, married George Bishop. I do not know if they had any children, but she apparently died in Portsmouth. The families of Catherine, Charles and George are on separate pages. It appears that neither Arthur nor Frederick married. I ask myself, were Frederick and Charles twins?

Frederick died on 8th March 1869, Letitia had predeceased him, dying in 1867.

    Frederick Wombwell                        (640)     (1832-1869) 
    m 1852 Letitia Sergent                    (661)     (-1867)      
        |-Alice Fanny Wombwell                (666)           (1854-)
        | m      George Edward Bishop         (715)
        |-Catherine Hannah (Kitty) Wombwell   (667)           (1856-)
        |-Arthur Wombwell                     (665)
        |-Frederick Wombwell                  (663)           (1860-1907)
        |-Charles James Wombwell              (664)           (1860-1936)
        |-George Henry Wombwell               (662)           (1863-1933)


My thanks are due to my remote cousins Stanley and Mark Wombwell who provided much of this page's information.

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