The family of Charles Wombwell and Susannah Reed

John Wombwell had married Honor King on 10.12.1795 in Langley. Their son Charles was born in 1811, also in Langley. He married Susannah Reed on 28th September 1833 in Arkesden and they settled there to bring up their family before emigrating to Australia.

I have established the early years of this family group from registers and censuses in Essex, but I am indebted to a page I found on the web giving further information on those who emigrated to Australia in 1851. The address for this page is:

Those who emigrated would appear to be the whole family with three exceptions:

The spelling of the surname is variable dependent on the register entries, which I have copied in each case! There are occasional discrepancies between the information I have and that collected on the other side of the world. Each case is noted and details are at the end.

 Charles Wombwell                      (360)    (1812(*1)-1860)
 m 1833 Susannah Reed                  (361)    (1817(*2)-1904)
      |-Mary Ann Wombwell              (375)         (1834- )
      | m 1854 Thomas Dyer             (472)         (1830-)
      |-Joseph Wormwell                (377)         (1836(*3)-9.2.1918 )
      | m 1869 Betty Ann Coulson       (496)         (1845-1896)
      |-William Wormwell               (376)         (1837-11.5.1897)
      | m      Penelope Clark          (801)         (1847-1940)
      |-Honnor Wombwell(*4)            (464)         (1838-1838)
      |-Ulaliah Wombwell(*5)           (362)         (12.5.1839-19.11.1912)
      | m      William Dolman          (802)         (1817-)
      |-Mayar Wombwell(*6)    
      |-Abijah Wombwell                (363)         (1840(*7)-8.5.1907)
      | m Emily Sarah Harris           (803)
      |-James Wombwell                 (465)         (1842-1843)
      |-Harriet Wombwell(*8)           (466)         (1844- )
      |-Phillis Wombwell               (364)         (1846(*9)-6.1927)
      | m      Thomas Noble            (804)
      |-Emma Wombwell                  (365)         (1849(*10)-12.10.1928)
I have no early information on the three children born after this
      |-James Wombwell                 (539)         (1851-26.3.1925)
      | m 1873 Lydia Radford Thurlbrom (805)         (-1919)
      |-David Wombwell                 (540)         (1853-23.4.1902)
      |-Amos Wombwell                  (541)         (1857-14.9.1900)

As mentioned earlier, my thanks are due to Daryl Povey, the publisher of the Ballarat genealogy page, and also to John Tilbury and Angela Phillips, who both directed me to that site.
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