The family of Charles Womwell and Jane Dellow

Charles was born on or about 1793 (this is consistent with census returns from 1851 to 1881)

On 28th October 1817 he married Jane Dellow at Clavering Parish Church - note the spelling of his surname, which was typical of all Clavering references at that time. This is the earliest documented evidence I have found for him to date.

I have not yet found any trace of the family in the 1841 Census, despite the fact that all the known children had been christened in the parish church. I'll have to keep looking!

Ten years later, in 1851, Charles was now aged 58, working as an agricultural labourer, living in Clavering at Church End with his wife Jane, sons William, John and Charles, and daughter-in-law Mary Ann (William's wife).

At the 1861 census he was now aged 67, still an agricultural labourer in Clavering, but now living at Strickland Green with Jane and their son Charles.

By the 1871 census he was aged 77, still an agricultural labourer at Strickland Green, Clavering, with his wife Jane, their twice widowed son William and their grandchildren Alfred and Susannah.

Not surprisingly, by the 1881 Census he was aged 87, now living at Hill Green Clavering in the household of his son-in-law William Atkinson and his wife Mary, now listed as Mary Ann, and their grandson Henry Gapes. Charles was now a widower since Jane had died during the previous decade.

Charles Womwell         (345)     (1793- ) 
m 1817 Jane Dellow      (346)     (1798- ) 
     |-Hannah Womwell   (503)          (1818- )
     |-William Womwell  (347)          (1820-1876) 
     |-John Womwell     (348)          (1825- )
     |-Mary Wombwell    (381)          (1826- )
     |-Harriet Womwell  (382)          (1828- )
     |-Isabel Womwell   (383)          (1830- )
     |-Charles Womwell  (349)          (1834- )                      
     |-Lydia Wombwell   (390)          (1837-1838)

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