The Family of Alfred Frederick Wombwell and Charlotte Joslin

Alfred Frederick was the son of Arthur Wombwell and his first wife, Hannah Cranwell. He was born in Langley in about 1865, and appeared in the 1871 Census as a 6 year old living with his father in Langley Village.

Ten years later he was listed as living at Upper Green, Langley with his father and stepmother and their four children. He was 16 and working as an agricultural labourer.

Alfred married Charlotte Joslin at Langley Parish Church on 17th August 1889. Charlotte had, apparently, been born in Clavering in 1865.

By 1891 he was working as a bricklayer, now aged 25 and living with Charlotte and their first son Frederick, aged 10 months. They were at Upper Green, Langley in a 4-roomed house.

In 1901, aged 34, he was still a bricklayer and living at Upper Green with sons Frederick (on the census list as Alfred), Arthur, Wesley, Oswald and Frank, and daughter Hannah. Living at the house as a boarder was Thomas Mansfield, a 59 year-old agricultural labourer.

I know nothing about any more recent history of this group, except that there were eight children in all, and that Wesley and Leslie both married. Still some work to do!.

    Alfred Frederick Wombwell            (413)         (1865-) 
    m 1889 Charlotte Joslin              (450)         (1865-)
        |-Frederick Wombwell             (451)              (1890-)
        |-Arthur Wombwell                (833)   
        |-Oswald Wombwell                (834)   
        |-Wesley Wombwell                (603) 
        | m      Dolly King              (604)
        |     |
        |     |-Hugh Wombwell            (605)              (PRIVATE)
        |     |
        |     |-Doreen Wombwell          (839)              (PRIVATE)
        |       m      Ray Thomas        (841)              (PRIVATE)
        |-Frank Wombwell                 (835)              (1901-)    
        |-William Wombwell               (836)              (PRIVATE)
        |-Hannah Wombwell                (837)              (PRIVATE)
        |-Leslie Wombwell                (838)              (PRIVATE)
          m      Stella                  (840)              (PRIVATE)


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